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I'm sure Avast didn't go into business to fleece people, but that's almost what happened here and I know that it happens every single day to good people who are unaware and unprepared, and like a deer in headlights they fall for the scam out of fear. Even after paying for a yearly subscription; there are constant pop-ups and up-sell marketing getting in your face, trying to scare you into spending more $$$ for more elusive protection.

Or worst; they scan your system, and come up with more obscure issues in red, that can only be removed if you agree to Upgrade your subscription and pay more on top of what you already paid. They nickel and dime you to death with up-sells to fix the new problems that you are already paying them to prevent! Yet their paid protection didn't prevent the next major issue to surface a few months into into my subscription; my laptop got super slow, pages wouldn't load and the Avast program stopped working, and would not scan, or respond, I couldn't even close the window! I contacted their support, and the guy tried to fix it but nothing he did seemed to work; next he attempted to talk me into shelling out another $119.00 one time fee for fixing it!!!

That's how they make their money; passing the buck through a 3rd party so they can get a commission, I tried telling him that I'm already paying for tech support for my laptop so ... at that point; he just cut me off in mid-sentence and rudely hung up on me!

I wrote Avast support later to ask for a refund and they replied that I will not be charged for renewal, and thank you for choosing Avast... but on the meantime I'm still 20 bucks out, plus 2wks of tech *** and stress that cost me time and lost me money and productivity.

It's bad enough cyber crime is rampant, now you have to worry about the very people whom you pay to protect you; like Avast and many other unscrupulous individuals out there, who are only concerned with exploiting our fears; it's another form of Ransom-ware or cyber crime. "I'll get my upper level tech guy to fix that for you, he said; and you won't need to lose any of your files or programs!" They'll lie to you with a smile, to trick you, so they can pocket your hard earned money. So, people; don't get sucked in! Beware and be smart, listen to your intuition.

I got my issue resolved the next morning with my Premium paid support from Dell, and I didn't need to spend any extra $$$. Hope this helps.

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Avast offers a free version which works well. There is no reason to actually purchase anti virus software these days when you can get the free version and supplement it with other programs like malwarebytes, etc.

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