Avast Software Free Antivirus Reviews

noticed an overdraft in my bank account..an unexpected fee from Avast occurred so I called my bank to challenge it. They got someone on the line from Avast that sounded like he was either new or didn't know what he was doing. Basically waited for like several minutes just so he could give me a phone number in case i had issues.. not the same number the bank gave me.. seems pretty shady. I realize there are alot of the same complaints on this...
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I originally used their free service. There was no problem. every year they renewed and for the most part I had no issues. Then I decided to upgrade. Big mistake. Instead of an annual reminder they would bill every few months for another year. Since it was a small bill I didn't keep very good track (my fault). Before I realized what they were doing I ordered a cleanup program for mine and my wife's computer with a thirty day refund option. ...
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I didn't like
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