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I listed a complaint regarding Digital Rivers ( AVAST). I wish to inform readers that Today, May 7, 2016 I received a notification that I am receiving full credit for the fee of the product Avast Grime Fighter which was automatically renewed (several days early). I had cancelled the auto renew many months ago. They have taken the necessary steps to rectify the errors. This was even faster than I had expected. Thank you Digital River for...
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I liked
  • How i was finally treated and assisted
I didn't like
  • Difficult to understand due to their accent
  • Attitude of person i spoke with
  • How hard it was to reach alive person
Thought I had cancelled all auto-renewals with Avast Digital Rivers last year-had a renewal notice today that GrimeFighter had been renewed. Could find NO way to contact a LIVE person ANYWHERE on the website. Went to my PayPal account and saw that there was a transaction for May 2, 2016. Requested a cancel on payment ( if not too late). used the information on screen of my PayPal acct to contact DigitalRiver US Inc. In speaking with rep found...
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I didn't like
  • Dissatisfied customer
  • False information from customer service
  • Didnt care for the automatic renewal