Avast Software Premier Antivirus Reviews

My husband bought me a computer last year and signed up for Avast for one year free.Yesterday I received two notices that I had successfully renewed Avast for a year as well as a charge for "clean up". At NO TIME did my husband give anyone my PayPal information - he doesn't even know my password! After arguing with the person from Digital River, my husband was assured that the charges will be refunded, AFTER she gave us the following URL to...
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I liked
  • Free version of avast software
I didn't like
  • Deceptive billing
I received an e-mail giving me a password & order number, I followed the instructions to cancel my account but the page was always 'down', I have tried to locate a contact number in England but I don't think this exists, I have instructed my bank to cancel the direct debit but I have a feeling that Avast will take the money anyway, I have never dealt with such a terrible company.Does anyone have a contact number please. Now I have to make my...
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I didn't like
  • No phone number
  • How hard it was to reach alive person
  • Business practice
of Avast Premier on 13 March 2016. On or about 20 March 2016 my computer monitor went blank after performing a register cleanup as recommended by the Avast program. Tech. told me to subscribe for the $179/yr. service and he would fix my problem. He said that no repair person could do it. I had a new Windows XP Pro installed and am back in business. I requested a refund from Avast. To date I have not received same. Please refund my...
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Anonymous Listen, I'm using Norton, and got billed for Avast!! I asked for a re-
fund because I haven't used Avast for years. They sent me here!
I guess because they figured I'd ...